Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment

Overnight Facial™ for your hands!

Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment

Sarah Says: Many of my clients say how much they love Overnight Facial™ and ask for something to give them the same skin improvements on the hands as these are often neglected and mismatched to their well cared for faces. This led to my close analysis of many pairs of hands and the formulation of my luxurious elixir with targeted actives to address the different visible signs of ageing on the hands and nails. With the pleasure and science of Overnight Facial™  in mind I have created a new results-driven hand therapy with a unique silky luxurious cashmere texture.

Hands often show signs of ageing more than the face due to constant exposure to the elements and without the protection and care we give to our faces. Loss of volume, dehydration, uneven skin tone and pigmentation are often a result of sun damage over the years and can add a visible ten years to your chronological age.

A cocktail of 8 powerful oils rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omegas combine with skin plumping, moisture boosting and pigment perfecting concentrated actives such as Collageneer®, Volufiline™ and Renovage™ to strengthen nails and restore the skin’s barrier for younger looking hands.

Sarah Chapman’s addictive Overnight Facial™  blend of pure essential oils with its exotic floral aroma and luxurious texture is the perfect night time indulgence.

Receive complimentary Skinesis Overnight Therapy Gloves with every purchase of Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment when purchasing on line.
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